The Most Popular Mobile Device Games

Do you want to know which games are the most downloaded on mobile phones? You’ve reached the perfect blog. Sports have long since ceased to be exclusive to video games or computers. The number of users who enjoy the most fun and popular games from their smartphone is simply amazing. So from digital sensation we want to show you which are the most popular games, or in other words, the most downloaded games on mobile phones.

  1. Pokemon Go

This game has been a real revolution in the sector since its launch in 2016. I’m sure you know someone who spent his spare time hunting Pokémon in the street. Developed by the prestigious Niantic firm, virtual reality allows you to live a unique experience. Indeed a game I couldn’t miss on this list.

  1. Final Fantasy

One of the classics in the world of video games has also been a protagonist in the mobile sector. To enjoy this game, you will need a mobile with some power. If you do, you’ll be ready for battle.

  1. Clash Royale

One of the few games that have managed to deal with Pokémon Go in the last year. This entertaining strategy game has managed to captivate children and adults. Enjoy this strategy game in which troops, spells, and castles are intermingled.

  1. NBA 2K17

The latest version of the famous basketball game is one of the most downloaded games within the sports games. Their incredible graphics will get you into the skin of the big NBA stars. Do you dare challenge your friends to a game?

  1. Crashland

A survival game sneaks into our list with the most downloaded games on mobile. In Crashland, you will get into the skin of a space truck driver who must create his shelter, while exploring the world around him and developing his work as a delivery boy. With some graphics that can remind you of another time, but that will surprise you.

  1. Fallout

This is one of the most popular games in the world, so your download data is spectacular. In this game, you will have the mission to manage your Vaul-Tec shelter, while struggling for survival (find food, water, energy, etc.). A game that ends up hooking up everyone who proves it.

  1. Just Dance

Do you like to dance? Well, this is your game. You’ll just have to download it and connect it to a TV via your Chromecast. Enjoy the best music while you move your hips.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

Enjoy this peculiar game. A surprise on this list but with more adepts every day. Walk the path and face all the difficulties you will encounter in your way through the mountains. A pleasant surprise for video game lovers.

  1. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing

This is the first game of the saga that has been adapted to mobile devices, for the enjoyment of all its followers. Its aesthetic reminds a lot of the most successful adventure of Dragon Ball Z.

  1. Candy Crush

We could not forget one of the Star games of recent times on this list with the most downloaded games on mobile. Swap and combine candy to make your way through hundreds of levels in this sweet puzzle adventure. Enjoy this nice trip with Tiffi and Mr. Toffee.

Mobile games have become one of the great Entertainment offered by mobile technology. In a digital sense, we are sure that among our recommendations you will find the match that you have been searching for for so long.